How it works

Rolling into Finsbury Square again in summer 2021 on various Thursday and Fridays in May, June, July, August and September; Festibowl…

1 HR bowling

per person

4 bowlers

per team

2 teams

per rink

6 rinks

on the green


the jack wins

On Arrival: depending on whether you’re heading straight for the bowling green or instead going to eat and drink first you’ll be welcomed into the venue by our wonderfully friendly service team who will advise you on where you’ll be based. Below is a run through of a typical bowls session:


0-5 minutes
Welcomed on to the Bowling green by your host Mr Benjamin Owls, you will be met by an innuendo fuelled introduction with a simple explanation of the rules and a brief overview of what to expect from your next 55 minutes at Festibowl.


5-45 minutes
In teams of 4 and with your bowling groove firmly on, it's now your turn to crack the jack amongst friends and colleagues under the watchful eye of the Festibowl gallery.

For 40 minutes under the glare of the summer sun you will do battle in a shorter, faster form of the game where you choose the stakes. Be aware of our Festibowl scouts at all times - there is a lot more to play for than meets the eye.

The Great British Bowl off

45-57 minutes
The clock ticks down on your game as the sun sets over Potters Fields Park, but your lawn bowling experience might only just be getting started.

Catch the eye of Mr Benjamin Owls and you might just be taking part amongst 7 others in the infamous Great British Bowl Off; a sudden death end to establish the best bowler of the hour. Be on your guard, for there are numerous prizes to be won!


57-60 minutes
You've listened, you've bowled, you've been chosen to take part in the GBBO and you've won - Celebrations start - the crowd go wild! It's time to take the glory in front of your ecstatic fans and collect your Great British Bowl Off Trophy.


Now it’s time to step back off the green, grab a drink and embrace Festibowl for its unique qualities and vibrant atmosphere. If some in your group would rather not play bowls and instead simply relax with food and drinks, then those chillers will find plenty of shaded benches to unwind.

The competitive types will notice a selection of mini games and sports around our urban circus. As the evening draws in the music turns up and our DJs will be playing familiar classics, old and new. Lawn Bowls is letting its hair down!