“Lawn bowls may seem as rock'n'roll as Coldplay and quinoa - but the public perception of this emblematic British game may soon change."



Freshly cut grass beneath your feet. A lawn bowl in one hand. An ice-cold beer in the other. Blue skies abound. It's a breezy summer's eve and you’re surrounded by your closest friends. Classic beats echo around Finsbury Square. Delicious cocktails quench your parched palate. That distinctive chargrilled smell ambles enticingly over from the street food vendors. It wafts past your smiling faces across a busy bowling green. It's nearly the weekend, but it's not. This is Festibowl


“Lawn bowls might not usually scream "festival atmosphere", but Festibowl 2017 is changing that perception.”




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“Forget 80-somethings in comfortable shoes rolling in near silence (for one thing there’ll be be DJs spinning tunes) – this version is a casual, quicker version of lawn bowls played with no shoes at all!”

- Skint Magazine

“Lawn bowls might not usually scream "festival atmosphere", but Festibowl 2017 is changing that perception.”

- Londonist

“Once a pastime associated with pensioners, lawn bowls can be traced back to the 13th century and is now attracting a new audience.”

- The Telegraph

“Sex, drugs, rock and…lawn bowls… Festibowl is putting the ‘cool’ in ’sport for old men’ for this year’s lawn bowling festival at Finsbury Square. Drinks, DJs, street food, and a faster form of the traditional game makes this an offbeat sporting competition you can’t miss.”

- Emerald Street

“Leave your white trousers (and shoes) at home – this genteel English sport is getting a laid-back makeover.”

- The Guardian

“Lawn bowls with a difference!”

- Average Joes. 

“Shuffleboard is trendy in the US, but we’ve got our own old-people sport to update. Festibowl takes over Finsbury Square this week with DJs, food, cocktails and – yep – lawn bowls.”

- TimeOut Magazine

“What Festibowl offers is the chance to play a retro sport under the glare of the summer sunshine and watchful eye of three times Commonwealth gold medalist Ellen Falkner and her team at Aerobowls. The concept is simple - people play lawn bowls in a unique event space, grab a drink, a bite to eat, all while listening to the latest music from popular DJs.”

- Square Mile